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Corporate Lunch Menu

Deli Items

(includes lettuce, tomato, pickles & chips)

Roasted Turkey Breast
$5.00 (small)      $5.75 (large)
Extra Lean Roast Beef
$4.50 (small)      $5.25 (large)
Virginia Baked Ham with Swiss Cheese
$4.25 (small)      $5.00 (large)
Chicken Breast Salad
$4.50 (small)      $5.25 (large)
Seafood Salad
$5.50 (small)      $5.25 (large)
$5.25 (small)      $6.20 (large)
White Tuna Salad
$5.50 (small)      $5.95 (large)
Italian Cold Cut
$4.50 (small)      $5.25 (large)
Red Pepper Hummus
$4.50 (small)      $5.25 (large)
Grilled garden vegetables
$4.75 (small)      $5.25 (large)
Bread Choices: White, Wheat, Pumpernickel, Rye, Bulkie Rolls
Wraps, Ciabatta (add .50)
10-30p Deli Tray with Rolls:
Roasted Turkey, Extra Lean Roast Beef, Virginia Baked Ham - American, Swiss, and Provolone cheese


Old Fashioned Potato Macaroni Cole Slaw
$ 1.00
Red Potato Skin with Chives
$ 1.25
Tossed Garden
$ 1.95
Pasta Primavera with Balsamic Vinaigrette
$ 1.50
Fruit Salad - melon, berries, & pineapple
Ceasar - Romaine, Croutons, Dressing
Grilled Chicken - Tossed garden w/Italian marinated julienne tender chicken
Grilled Shrimp salad plate

Soups And Sides

Homemade Turkey with Rice Soup
Award Winning Chili - tortilla chips & cheese
Grilled portabella, tomato & gorgonzola

Gourmet Selections

Sicilian Steak - Italian marinated sirloin. Grilled, sliced thin with roasted red pepper.
Turkey Pesto - Real roasted turkey breast, With fresh pesto, romaine lettuce and tomato.
Asiago Beef- Rosemary roasted sirloin, Avocado and slice of asiago
Chicken Broccoli Cheddar Salad- Tender white chicken, broccoli, sharp cheddar w/ a tangy dressing and lettuce and tomato.
Chicken Apple Almond salad - Tender white chicken, grated apple, toasted almonds with mayonnaise and romaine lettuce.
Chicken Ceasar Wrap- Grilled marinated Chicken, romaine and a creamy Ceasar dressing.
Mozzarella Basil Tomato - Slices of fresh Mozzarella, basil leaves and ripe tomato with infused garlic.
Bread Choices: Scala, Ciabatta, 12 grain, Wrap


15 cup Air pot of Coffee - Regular or Decaf
15 cup Air pot of Tea- Regular or Decaf and hot cocoa
Canned Sodas
Bottled & Flavored Waters


Mini Carrot Cake
$8.25 per dozen
$8.00 per dozen
Fudge Brownies
$6.75 per dozen
Assorted Cookies
$7.00 per dozen


Apples $ .95
Bananas $ .50
Oranges $ .75
Pears $ .85

**All Items Include Paper Products & Cutlery**
**Custom Delivery Charges Under 20 People**



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